2 Long-Haul Flight Travel Tips #shorts #longhaulflight

Flying long-haul can be a daunting experience for many travelers. Spending hours on end in a cramped space can be uncomfortable, to say the least. But with a few simple tricks, you can make your long-haul flight far more comfortable and enjoyable. In this blog post, we will share two essential travel tips that will help you prepare for and survive your next long-haul flight. So whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time flyer, read on to discover how to make your long-haul journey a breeze.

2 Long-Haul Flight Travel Tips #shorts #longhaulflight


Long-haul flights can be exhausting, uncomfortable, and stressful, especially if you’ve got a long way to go. Are you getting ready to embark on a long-haul flight anytime soon? If the answer is yes, you might want to take note of these top two long-haul flight travel tips. These travel hacks can make your flight much more comfortable, healthier, and enjoyable.

Travel Tip 1: Move Liquids Bag to Carry-On Suitcase After Airport Security

After getting through the security checkpoint at the airport, you might be carrying an extra bag that holds your liquids, gels, and aerosols. No one likes carrying a plastic bag around all day, and it might be a bit cumbersome in the cramped quarters of the airplane cabin. Instead, move the liquids bag into your carry-on suitcase after passing through the security checkpoint. This way, you’ll have more room in your hands and won’t risk spilling the contents of the bag.

Here are some of the benefits of moving your liquids bag into your carry-on suitcase:

  • More comfortable to carry.
  • Less likely to forget the plastic bag in the airplane.
  • More space for other items in your hands.

Travel Tip 2: Keep Preservative-Free Eye Drops in Backpack Pocket

If you had LASIK eye surgery or suffer from dry eyes, keeping eye drops on hand during long-haul flights can make a huge difference. The dry air in the airplane cabin can cause eye discomfort, irritation, and dryness. To keep your eyes moist and comfortable, always carry preservative-free eye drops with you during the flight. Stow a small bottle in a backpack pocket for quick and easy access.

Here are some reasons why you should keep preservative-free eye drops in your backpack pocket:

  • Relieves dryness and irritation.
  • Easy and quick access during the flight.
  • No harmful preservatives that can irritate your eyes.


Long-haul flights can be tough, but with these two travel tips, you can make your upcoming flight much more comfortable and enjoyable. Remember to move your liquids bag to your carry-on suitcase after passing through the security checkpoint, and to keep preservative-free eye drops in your backpack pocket during the flight.


  1. Why do I have to move my liquids bag to carry-on suitcase after security at the airport?
  • To have more room in your hands and avoid spilling the contents.
  1. Why do I need to keep preservative-free eye drops in my backpack pocket?
  • To reduce eye dryness and irritation often experienced during long-haul flights.
  1. Can I put other things besides liquids in the plastic bag?
  • No, the plastic bag is strictly for liquids, gels, and aerosols.
  1. How do I know if the eye drops are preservative-free?
  • Look for the “preservative-free” label on the packaging.
  1. Can I still carry liquid eye drops in the liquids bag?
  • Yes, you can. However, keeping preservative-free eye drops in your backpack pocket offers quicker and easier access.

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