QATAR AIRWAYS Boeing 787 Business Class | Brussels to Doha trip report (4K)

Welcome to my trip report on flying Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787 Business Class from Brussels to Doha! As a frequent flyer, I was excited to experience Qatar Airways’ award-winning service and amenities onboard their Dreamliner aircraft. In this blog post, I’ll share with you a detailed account of my journey, including my thoughts on the cabin layout, the quality of the food and beverages, and the level of service provided by the flight attendants. So buckle up and join me as I take you through every aspect of my flight experience with Qatar Airways.

QATAR AIRWAYS Boeing 787 Business Class | Brussels to Doha trip report (4K)

Introduction ##

Flying in Business Class is an unforgettable experience that can make traveling a breeze. The Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner is known for its comfort and luxury, offering a unique experience to its passengers. The content creator of this video has shared a glimpse of this experience in their latest travel video on YouTube. In this article, we will provide a detailed review of this video, showcasing different aspects of the Business Class cabin and how it can make your traveling experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Chapters in the video

The video is visually appealing and well-structured, divided into different chapters, which include Introduction, Champagne, Menu, Amenity kit, Safety video, Takeoff, Inflight entertainment, Business Class seat, Dinner, Flatbed, and Landing. These chapters provide a comprehensive overview of what to expect when flying in Business Class with Qatar Airways from Brussels to Doha.


The video starts with an introduction, showcasing the beautiful exterior of the Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The Business Class cabin is visibly luxurious, with spacious seats and elegant decor.


The first chapter of the video showcases the marvelous champagne service on board. Classy glasses and plenty of bubbles enhance the luxurious experience.


One of the highlights of flying in Business Class is the wide range and gourmet quality of cuisine. This chapter showcases the various menu options offered to Business Class passengers. From appetizers, main courses to desserts, all the dishes look delicious and gourmet.

Amenity kit

The video provides an overview of the amenity kit provided to Business Class passengers, which includes beauty products, socks, slippers, and earplugs. The kit is great for refreshing yourself mid-flight and feeling more relaxed.

Safety video

Qatar Airways is keen on providing a safe transportation service, hence a video describing the onboard safety procedures is shown on the entertainment screens before takeoff.


The video showcases the takeoff, providing a captivating view of the city of Brussels below.

Inflight entertainment

One of the most significant benefits of flying in Business Class with Qatar Airways is the modern and functional inflight entertainment system. From international movies, TV shows, and music, the options are endless, making the long flight more comfortable and entertaining.

Business Class seat

This chapter showcases the Business Class seat in action. It can be reclined to a flatbed, making sleeping during the flight comfortable and painless with an adequate amount of legroom.


When flying in Qatar Airways Business Class, dinner is a mouth-watering experience, showcasing delicate ingredients and other culinary delights, which are served on designer plates and cutlery.


The chapter on the flatbed elaborates on how passengers can easily and quickly convert their seats to lay-flat beds, providing the ultimate comfort that is perfect for long-haul flights.


The final chapter showcases the descent and landing into Doha, Qatar, and disembarking the plane.


1. Can I Follow the Creator of this Video on Social Media Platforms Like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook?

Yes, you can follow the creator on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

2. Are the Seats Comfortable for Long Haul Flights?

Yes, the Business Class seats in Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner are roomy, comfortable, and designed for long flights.

3. Is the Video Quality Good?

The video is shot in 4K, making it visually appealing and high-quality.

4. Does the Video Present the Menu Options?

Yes, the video showcases the different menu options offered onboard, which are gourmet and delicious.

5. Is the Inflight Entertainment System Modern and Functional?

Yes, the Inflight Entertainment System in the Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner is modern, functional, and offers various options for movies, music, and TV shows to help make the flight more enjoyable.


In conclusion, flying in Business Class with Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner is an enchanting experience. The video showcases the luxurious amenities, elegant decor, comfortable seating, and gourmet culinary delights passengers can expect on board. The creator of this video provides an engaging overview of the cabin experience and the high quality of service provided. If you are looking for a luxurious and comfortable traveling experience, flying in Qatar Airways Business Class is worth considering.

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