Nayara Resorts Costa Rica | Full hotel tour of 5-star Nayara Springs & Gardens

Welcome to the ultimate guide of Nayara Resorts Costa Rica! In this blog post, we will take you on a full hotel tour of the luxurious 5-star Nayara Springs & Gardens. From lavish accommodations to breathtaking views and exceptional amenities, get ready to be blown away by the sheer magnificence of Nayara Resorts. Whether you are planning your next vacation or simply seeking inspiration for your Instagram feed, this comprehensive guide has got you covered. So, sit back and relax as we embark on an unforgettable journey through the paradise that is Nayara Resorts Costa Rica!

Nayara Resorts Costa Rica | Full Hotel Tour of 5-Star Nayara Springs & Gardens


Costa Rica is a country that has it all. Nature, adventure, culture, delicious food, and friendly locals. And if you want to experience all of this while staying in one of the most luxurious and scenic hotels in the area, you must check out Nayara Resorts.

Nayara Resorts comprises three properties that cater to different types of travelers. Nayara Springs is an adult-only resort, Nayara Gardens are family-friendly, and Nayara Tented Camp is perfect for guests seeking a glamping experience in the rainforest. In this article, we’ll focus on Nayara Springs and Nayara Gardens, sharing our review of the resorts and a full video tour of their amenities.

Video Tour of Nayara Springs and Nayara Gardens Resorts in Costa Rica

To get a better idea of what the Nayara Resorts in Costa Rica have to offer, we highly recommend checking out the video tour we created. The video features a bird’s eye view of some of the most remarkable features of the resorts, including their luxurious suite accommodations, restaurants, pools, and spas.

Nayara Springs: An Adult-Only Haven

Nayara Springs is an adult-only luxury resort, featuring 35 private villas nestled in tropical gardens overlooking the Arenal Volcano. This resort offers the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, with a focus on personalized service and refined amenities.

The lobby of Nayara Springs features a majestic tree, setting the tone for an impressive yet serene stay. The video tour showcases the elegance of one of the Springs’ suites, designed with high-end finishes and natural materials to blend seamlessly with the jungle environment. The suite includes a private pool and jacuzzi on the deck, a living room with a fireplace, and an outdoor shower.

Among the resort’s standout features is the two-level swimming pool, surrounded by lush foliage and making it feel like you are swimming in a natural lagoon. For more active guests, the gym offers invigorating classes and cutting-edge equipment. Nayara Springs also has its own shop, where guests can find souvenirs, clothes, and locally made handicrafts.

But the crown jewel of Nayara Springs is the exquisite spa, boasting a tranquil atmosphere inspired by the rainforest. The top-of-the-line products and professional therapists ensure guests enjoy an unforgettable experience. The video shows the cozy treatment rooms, a zen area, and a relaxing hot tub.

Nayara Gardens: A Family-Friendly Gateway

Nayara Gardens, on the other hand, is a family-friendly resort that offers spacious villas perfect for groups of all ages. Located next to Nayara Springs, Nayara Gardens is designed to cater to the needs of families with activities such as tours, cooking classes, horseback riding, and other outdoor experiences.

The main lobby of Nayara Gardens is the heart of the resort, featuring a relaxed atmosphere with lots of comfortable seating and large windows overlooking the gardens. The video tour showcases the family-friendly pool area, which includes a water slide, a swim-up bar, and plenty of space for kids to play.

The spa at Nayara Gardens is impressive, with a tropical aesthetic and excellent massage services. The resort’s restaurants offer international cuisine with an emphasis on Costa Rican flavors and farm-to-table ingredients.

VIP Perks Available When Booking Through Virtuoso

Guests looking for an elevated experience can take advantage of the Virtuoso program, which offers perks such as a room upgrade, resort credit, and VIP treatment. Virtuoso members also have access to special curated experiences, exclusive amenities, and a dedicated on-site contact to handle any request.

Review of Nayara Springs and Gardens with Pros and Cons

Overall, Nayara Resorts in Costa Rica provides an unforgettable luxury experience in one of the most breathtaking regions of the world. Here are some of the pros and cons of each resort:

Nayara Springs:


  • Personalized service
  • Gorgeous rooms with private pools, jacuzzis, and outdoor showers
  • Beautiful natural surroundings and views
  • Highly skilled therapists and well-equipped gym
  • Unique and exclusive amenities


  • Adult-only resort may not be suitable for families
  • Limited dining options on-site
  • Expensive overall cost of stay

Nayara Gardens:


  • Family-friendly environment with various activities for all ages
  • Large villas and suites
  • Spectacular pool area with waterslide and swim-up bar
  • Resort-wide access to natural hot springs
  • Excellent restaurant options


  • The resort’s location attracts crowds and noise, which could detract from a relaxing atmosphere
  • Service can sometimes be slow or inconsistent
  • Less ideal for adults seeking privacy or solitude


Nayara Resorts in Costa Rica is a perfect blend of luxury accommodations and nature immersion. Each of the three properties offers unique experiences and is an excellent base for exploring the region’s many attractions.

If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, don’t miss the chance to stay in Nayara Springs or Nayara Gardens. And remember, booking through Virtuoso will ensure that you have a VIP experience from start to finish.

FAQs after the Conclusion

  1. Is there a family pool at Nayara Springs?
    No, Nayara Springs is an adult-only resort, and it doesn’t have a family pool. However, Nayara Gardens, the family-friendly resort, has a large pool area with a water slide, a swim-up bar, and plenty of space for kids to play.

  2. Is Nayara Resorts in Costa Rica expensive?
    Yes, Nayara Resorts are considered luxury accommodations, and prices can be high, especially during peak season. However, booking through Virtuoso can provide VIP perks and an overall better value.

  3. Can I book tours and activities through Nayara Resorts?
    Yes, Nayara Resorts offer a wide range of tours and activities in the region, such as hiking, horseback riding, rafting, and zip-lining. The resort’s concierge can help with booking these and more.

  4. What is Nayara Tented Camp?
    Nayara Tented Camp is Nayara Resorts’ newest property, which focuses on offering guests an exclusive glamping experience in the rainforest. The tents are spacious, beautifully decorated, and immersed in stunning scenery.

  5. Which soundtrack is used in the video tour of Nayara Springs and Gardens?
    The soundtrack in our video is from Artlist, a platform that provides high-quality, royalty-free music for video creators.

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